“You get way more than you’d expect from a traditional dining establishment”

– Renee Hajek,

owner/operator of

Stay. Social Tap & Table

Stay. Social Tap & Table is every bit its name.  It was designed to bring food and drink alongside many other things “social” to create a unique environment for guests to experience, not just to dine.

Notwithstanding its packed social calendar, this new concept encourages meaningful productive relationships in a relaxed no-pressure environment.

The tapas-charcuterie-fusion fare puts a new twist on family-style dining.  Customers order shareable menu items directly from their table, on their own time, using the QR codes provided at each table (or the handy kiosk at the back of the café).

Pictures and mouth-watering descriptions are enough to keep guests in conversation with each other during the ordering process.

Our Culinary Artists plate each bite together on custom made charcuterie boards, and guests help themselves as they “oooh” and “aaah” at the delectable creations.

Coffee dates, business meetings, book clubs, solo study-sessions, first-dates and twentieth wedding anniversaries are made extra-special here because of this unique experience.

Seat yourself, order on your own time, and let us take care of the rest while you take care of your social experience.

We even have board games, card games and cornhole to keep your group entertained while you wait. 

Kid and dog-friendly menus, too!

Thirsty for an adult beverage?  

No need to wait for a server or bartender, just grab your self-serve wristband from the front counter and our friendly staff will direct you on your way.

Hit the taps at your leisure and pour as little or as much as you’d like.  You pay by the ounce!  Digital taplets above each tap will help you decide.

They include: beverage name, brewery/winery and origin, style, price per ounce, ABV & IBU, and a brief description.

Once you hit your pour limit (32 oz beer or 12 oz wine), check in with our tap attendants to add more ounces to your wristband (field sobriety tests may apply, and we reserve the right to refuse service!).

Pint and wine glasses are provided beneath the taps for your use, or you can purchase “Bring your own” insulated pilsners and wine goblets.  Guests receive a 10% discount on all taps when they bring these vessels back time and time again!

Local small businesses are spotlighted throughout our establishment.

We pride ourselves on supporting these neighborhood businesses and they have been gracious enough to support us too!

Tap handles, pint/wine glasses, table ordering plaques, special event “keeper cups” for customers to take home, and corn hole boards are adorned with the logos of our area business “partners”.

Sponsorship opportunities are available.

 For more information, or to submit order form, email us at marketing@staysocialevans.com.

Our social calendar is always full.  We want our guests to have a unique, enjoyable experience with every visit.  Be it trivia, ladies’ night, singles night, Sip N’ Shop Saturdays, live music, karaoke, or lunch n’ learn, there is sure to be something fitted for every crowd.

Check out our events page for up-to-date happenings at Stay.

Located in the heart of up-and-coming Downtown Evans, our neighborhood has much to offer:

  • Lady A Park is directly across the street, and home to many community events at the Amphitheater as well as the children’s playground and dog park
  • The newly opened Performing Arts Center is also in our backyard, and is home to many theater productions and concerts.
  • Local businesses within walking distance include several day spas, boutiques, dental/medical offices, county administration offices, restaurants and grocery stores.

Why not grab a beverage and explore all that our neighborhood has to offer?

Up to 16 oz. adult beverages (& kid-friendly ones too) are allowed to be taken off-premises in plastic cups within the confines of Evans Town Center.

Private parties of 30 or more in our café are available on Sundays and Mondays.

Catering options are also available, at your place, or in the 4th floor banquet space.

Email us at gm@staysocialevans.com for inquiries.

Come see us! 

We look forward to providing you with a memorable and enjoyable SOCIAL experience!!

~Renee and the Stay-family

Meet Renee

Owner/Operator Renee Hajek is a creative of sorts, a “gatherer” of people, and an experience seeker.  Her mission to create this gathering place came about following a difficult phase of life when her husband and life partner of 20 years died of cancer.  She entered this phase determined to triumph over grief and build something that her late husband would be proud of.  Renee’s 3 children have watched and helped their mom do just that.

Stay was born from Renee‘s awareness that people in today’s society have become distant from their relationships..

Technology and the need for instant-gratification have become the norm – creating distractions from real human interactions… so her ideas have flipped the script on these conventions by giving people the means to better connect

The tech-heavy concepts of self-seating, self-ordering, and self-poured libations allow guests to spend more time engaging with each other, rather than depending on Stay employees to determine their experience – each in their own time.

Her model also boasts a full social calendar to provide guests with all kinds of experiences.  From morning until evening, there is something here for everyone.

Entrepreneur turned restauranteur, Hajek has created a uniquely branded model that she intends to replicate in other up-and-coming communities like Evans.  Though opening in the middle of a global pandemic was less than ideal, she has used her creative and innovative talents to keep customers coming back, and business is thriving!

We hope that you enjoy Stay as much as Renee and staff have enjoyed creating it.

See you soon!!

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